Day 2

So today I took my bald self to work…got mixed reviews. Middle finger to the co workers that gave me the side eyes! LOL after work I did abt 80 to the barbershop prrrrayyyying the lady-man(can’t tell which she/he is) was open….and it was! I’m convinced the Lord was smiling down on me…..or pitied me. So I made a overly dramatic entrance yellin “OMG I’M SO GLAD UR OPEN! ICUTALLMYHAIROFFSATURDAYNIGHTANDGAVEMYSELFABALDSPOT!!!” Yes all in one breath. She/He blinked abt 30 times before recognition kicked in and she/he was like “Oh GIRL! WTH?? Gimme 10 minutes. I got’chu” WHEW thank God for random black barbershops in the heart of the Suburbs. They’re never busy! So I’m in the chair telling my Big Chop story in detail and told the barber he/she can openly laugh at my patches. I don’t mind. So he/she stopped stiffling her/his laughter and gave me a card with her/his personal number. So that next time I decide to go to such an extreme after hours she’ll be there to help me. After some jokes, mortal kombat, ratchet stripper music, meaningless compliments and a fresh lining. I threw on my huge-for-no-reason shades and bolted out of the door. We went to the inlaws for Christmas dinner and gift exchanging. Everyone seemed to genuinely like my hair. Ok, so my boyfriend is white….imagine the blank stare on his sister’s face as I struggle out a feeble attempt to explain the natural process and the difference in my hair without the creamy, white crack -_- yeeeeeeaaaaah… of course his ten year old nephew shyly whispered a special request to his mom who came and relayed the message to me. 30 seconds later I bent down so he can touch my hair. Well…that’s a first. It wasn’t as petting zoo-y as I imagined it would be as I bent down. Well I told my son “remember when u were 4 and I said you can never,

ever comb ur mommy’s hair? Well
now you can because mommy has a brush fade like you!” Yea that didn’t work. He still hates my hair =/ I know he’ll come around eventually. I just know it!
Well I uploaded a dope pic (mostly to feel better abt myself)! G’night all!

Love &Light
Neves Xoxo


About naturallynappyneves

Just a brown lady letting go of the white creamy crack and embracing natural nappyness =)
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2 Responses to Day 2

  1. Queenbizzle says:

    And that is why you are the dopest female. OAN, I am impressed with your writing. You are amazing. Enjoy the ride.

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