Today I wasn’t a big fan of my haircut. It’s taking some time to get used to my reflection in the mirror. Every glimpse is surprise anew. There’s also this strange sensation when I brush my hair….I can’t decide if it burn or itch. I’ll just call it BurnItch for now. Yesterday I loved my haircut because it was my first workout with NO hair! OMG can we say INTENSE?! Ha! I can digg it. No more cute, minimal sweat workouts. I was in full beast mode intensifying my routine. I was satisfied with that workout. Handsdown. Hmmmm it seems I have up days and down days. Like I’m mourning. Maybe I’m mourning my mane. Missin’ my mane-thang LOL Well at least it seems like my hair is growing a quarter inch daily….which means I’ll need to find a product ASAP! I’m super excited (and scared) to see my new growth! I keep staring at my son’s hair (in horror) wondering if that’s mine or his daddy’s. Cuz that mess is dry and crispy. Also, every third person’s verbal reaction to my haircut is “You’re a brave soul” WTH DOES THAT MEAN?! & why do I keep hearing it in a low, deep slave voice in my head?? I’m beginning to wonder if that’s even a compliment o.0 So the next step is to find hair product and a head wrap. If only there was like a mentor for the Natural Hair process. Or Big Bro/Big Sis of Natural Hair. Somebody point me in the right direction pleeeeeeez?! Anywho* G’night world.

Love & Light
Neves XoXo


About naturallynappyneves

Just a brown lady letting go of the white creamy crack and embracing natural nappyness =)
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2 Responses to BurnItch

  1. nakednation says:

    I would suggest, since I too am #naturallynappy, I would suggest using DooGro products they keep your hair soft and will assist in the growth process until it’s long enough to style. Also, you should invest in a silk headscarf with some kind of growth agent in it and mositurize at least twice a week with a hair oil or light grease/hairdress. Make sure to have you fans check out my blog as well nakeddream.wordpress.com


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