Yo Big Chop…It’s Our Anniversary!

‘Tis 1 month (yesterday was really the anny, but I lost track of time. Oops) since I went “Brittany” (minus the car vandalism in silence with an umbrella) & I have NO regrets! I counted/mentally measured 1 inch of growth! Now, this could be anxious, anticipating exaggeration but to ME it looks like an entire inch = D

So I’m nervous & excited to see my natural texture and color. Right now it’s jet black (awesome-ness) & I can see some kind of pattern forming. I got crazy waves…I mean the kinda waves errbody’s brothers, uncles, baby daddy’s & cousins spent countless hours brushing to get. Thats coo….but I want curls! In the middle and the middle front (when I look really, really close) I can see hairs trying to curl. It’s like a patch bending into a half curl. We’ll call that “Semi curl patching”. So in MY mind that tells me I’m gonna have cute, natural curls! *EXCITEMENT*
So one day it dawned on me (after reading a blog abt a lady taking care of her daughter’s hair) that I’ve been growing natural hair for nine years already! MY SON IS NATURAL! It was right in my face! He has moisturizers and I know how to deal with dry, coarse hair. Can we say “already prepared”?!

Something interesting!
I went to the Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s Holiday Breakfast on Monday and there was SO MANY natural sistas! I mean I seen EVERY twist, every knot out, every afro puff, dreads. It was awesome. I think I experienced culture shock and was slightly turned on. We are definitely in the middle of a movement and I’m happy to have stumbled into it.
Good night ppl.

Love & Light
Neves XoXo


About naturallynappyneves

Just a brown lady letting go of the white creamy crack and embracing natural nappyness =)
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