Word Association-Custard, Crusty, Mustard

Today is 1 month, 3 days post Big Chop & I’ve decided I have enough growth to buy some product. Mainly because my hair is lookin a lil parched! A couple days ago I noticed Target sold Kinky Curly products, so I made a bee line to their hair care section (ignoring the “ethnic hair” sign that makes my eye twitch every time I see it) & spent a good seven minutes of my life (that I can’t get back) wondering if I should get the custard, leave in conditioner, or Hair Milk by some other brand. I decided against Hair Milk because the label said “best for processed hair”. Ok. No brainer. 2 to go. It was a battle. The leave in conditioner and custard was dukin’ it out….I decided against the leave in conditioner because I don’t think my hair is even long enough for special washes, co washes and conditioning. Also, the fact that it’s conditioner implies there’s some matching shampoo that comes along with it and it, too, may also be $ 20! NO THANKS! The custard wins! I shall wash my hair and apply! After I opened my custard *EXCITEMENT* I smelled it (don’t ask..I always sniff stuff. I may have a problem). It STINKS! But who cares?! I want some curls! Then I realized I don’t know how to apply it…..CRAP! Ok ok ok..I’ll just apply it going down. Yeeeaaaah….that didn’t work. It applied in patches and I just used my pointer finger to create tiny tornados all over my head. It worked!! I HEART STINKY CURLY CUSTARD!!!! I have pics to show off my hard work =] Of course I experimented at night, just in case it was an epic fail that left me lookin like Mike Jackson’s early days, I could just wash it out. This means I have to sleep with this custard in my hair and can’t wait to see what it will mesh into over night. G’ night world! Love & Light Neves xoxo


About naturallynappyneves

Just a brown lady letting go of the white creamy crack and embracing natural nappyness =)
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