2nd Months Big Chopped

Happy anniversary to my bald headed-ness!! I’ve learned that my Lil puff is known as TWA (teenie weenie afro). I love that acronym, it has now replaced my old favorite acronym GTFOH . I’ve learned that the Shea Moisturizer is for daily use because it’s light, while Kinky Curly gel is for special occasions. When I’m going somewhere important. Church, hangin with the ladies etc. it seems I still need to get lined up. Probably until i have a full Fro. I also had to change my eyebrow arch. No more thin manicured arch. I need the thick brow. It’s fierce with short hair! It’s also cute when I pull the fro down toward my forehead and use edge tamer on the front. Subtle changes are noticeable.
that’s all….for now 😉

Love & Light
Neves xoxo


About naturallynappyneves

Just a brown lady letting go of the white creamy crack and embracing natural nappyness =)
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