It’s our anniversary…..again!

ACTUALLY …..the anny was on 3/22 buuuut I never got around to blogging….I suck. I know. We’ve established that in my previous sorry-I’m-Late post. So THREE whole months of nappyness!! I really can’t say I feel liberated or free or light headed like some ppl talk so passionately about. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?! However, I absolutely love the low maintenance and watching it grow in it’s natural element. I have to say, my lil nap-naps are making me proud! All curly and cooperative….LOOK AT GAWD!!!! (I’ve been waiting to find a reason to say that since this lady kept yelling it at church Sunday). I’m also in a one sided competition with my friend Kim. I expressed my jealousy and envy of her beautiful, healthy twists and declared war! (after a bunch of compliments of course) Once my hair is long enough Imma copy every style and do it better! One-up that Heffa. It’s onnnn!
*In other news* my handsome sack of bones (son) finally came around!!! Yay! It only took FOREVER! Of course there’s stipulations. He hates when I make those little twists in my hair. It makes his lil brown eye twitch and he yells in exasperation “mommmmm!! Why do you dread your hair?!” Then hastily rub them out. Other than the occasional twists as a result of my boredom, he’s in!
I do miss my hair; I have days when I miss wrapping my hair. The way it would fall perfectly, after a fresh perm, when I combed it out of the wrap…..and a bunch of other random crap. I’m also a little nervous about how pics are gonna turn out. Is it gonna be cute or will I look like a black man? So far, so good…except when I took a pic with all my nephews and looked like one of the boys -_-
People are still dishing out compliments every where I go…and I haven’t heard “you’re a brave soul” in a while LOL Although I am a little nervous about applying for jobs (higher than my position) because I doubt corporate America will wanna hire nappy. Just like they frown upon braids in an interview will they frown upon my TWA??
G’night all!

{pics are posted}

Love & Light
Neves xoxoxo


About naturallynappyneves

Just a brown lady letting go of the white creamy crack and embracing natural nappyness =)
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