Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mess!

Today is 1 year of natural-ness!! An entire year of no perms, no hair dye, no towel drying and no heat. My length isn’t as long as I thought/hoped it would be at 12 months, but I’m happy with progress thus far.

Daily routine is the same: At night I apply Olive Oil hair dressing and tie it down. In the morning I spray it with my water bottle, apply Motions Hair Pudding and finger comb it to my liking. It’s actually long enough to pull down over my hair line so I don’t need to use edge control or get front line-ups anymore 🙂
It takes a lot longer to wash now because it’s really thick.

My first twist out was FUN and super cute!! (Self back pats) The entire process took a good 2 hours, my arms hurt, I was sleepy and the style only lasted 3 days….. but it was well worth it! I watched a million (in reality only 2.5-I got bored with one halfway through) YouTube videos, bought products and went to work. The video I liked best was “TWA Twist Out Tutorial-Carmen” by My Natural Sistas. I’ll post pics of my products/tools/results. Here are the steps:
1) Wash hair thoroughly
2)Apply Deep conditioner & let it sit under a plastic cap for 45 minutes
3)Detangle with a brush (wide tooth)
4)Rinse conditioner out
5)Apply oil throughout hair
6)Spray leave-in conditioner
7)Part your hair & twist using loc butter (small parts for short hair). 2 strand twists. Your hair will dry as you go, just spray it with leave-in conditioner.
8)Tie them down with your silk scarf and let it dry overnight.
9)Spray with oil Sheen
10)Brush your edges with a little gel/tooth brush
11)Unravel twists at the root, not by the ends.
12)Use your fingers to comb through your hair and close any gaps

I got a lot of compliments. My hair had structure & actually looked styled instead of the wild, curly, untamed TWA it usually is….I call it My Beautiful Mess.
I’ve learned that in order to keep my twist out for more than 3 days I have to do a ‘quick twist’ every night. On the 2nd/3rd night I grab large chunks of hair and make big twists all over. Tie my hair down in my scarf and unravel in the morning. So far this technique has bought me 4 extra days. WOOT WOOT!

Sooooo I joined a Natural Hair Meetup in my city. That was the absolute BEST decision I’ve made for my journey. I learned things I never knew I needed to know and found the ONLY Natural Hair beauty Shop in the metro. SCORE! I attended my first Meetup titled “Ask The Stylist” & here is what I walked away with:
-Oil is not required daily. Ppl use it to retain moisture.
-It’s never too early to start getting your ends clipped
-My hair is going to change during winter & I need to consider a protective style
-Some ppl’s hair curl around itself and create little nap balls
-If any part of your hair is heat damaged the curl will never come back. It has to be cut off.
-I’m VERY lucky to have my curl pattern….some ladies have very brittle hair that don’t curl (THANK YOU BABY JESUS!!!)
-Some women are unofficial scientists and create their own products in their kitchens. Wow. Not me.
-Most ppl are product junkies for no reason at all. They find stuff that works, but still shop for & apply other gels,puddings,sprays and miscellaneous things…..*confused face* Ummmm these hair care items are expensive. I know I can’t afford to buy multiple bottles of hair dressing at $20/ bottle ‘just because’. Hmmmmm….maybe they have an addiction. Or they’re hoarders.

Well….Fortunately, I suddenly found myself single shortly after starting this blog and I was a little apprehensive about dating……because I don’t have any freakin HAIR! LOL & most men are attracted to whatever physical attributes their favorite rapper talk about in his music. Which is never Tall, brown & natural. Crazy right? What’s better than THAT?! But I’m over that now. It was short lived and I’m effin gorgeous.

I am deeply in love with my hair & she was super sexy on my birthday! (see pic) I have to remember to fluff out the matted hair after driving and sitting in my chair at work.

My hair is thick, my curl pattern is the truth and I can see the curls when I look up!

Thanks for reading lovelies.
Love & Light xoxo


About naturallynappyneves

Just a brown lady letting go of the white creamy crack and embracing natural nappyness =)
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