HORROR Stories o.o

So I’ve had an opportunity to witness two horrible, horrible mistakes. Although this may not be true for some….it is for MOST! HEAT IS THE ENEMY!! Fire…baaaaad….(caveman voice)

Victim#1: Older woman, she big chopped about a year ago. She has a TWA. Very tight curls. From a distance it looks dry and coarse, but when you get close you can see that it’s just extremely tight. Her daughter is a “beautician” (unofficial) and decided she wanted to straighten her mom’s hair….you know….for length checks and such….WELP! It deeeeeestroyed her curl pattern!! OMGosh the difference in her hair was obvious and the error was blatant! I could tell she tried to wash it hoping it would curl back up. It did not. It looked a lot like that Wet & Wavy weave. Where the hair don’t quite curl…just kinda bend…..sad. So she wore two-strand twists (not a twist out. Just the twists) for about a week. Still, the curls did not return. Now she’s just wearing her heat damaged hair in a straight/curly/bendy fro. I wonder how long it will be until she face the music and BC alllll over again.

Victim#2: This woman is in her early 30’s. She’s been a natural diva for years. Huge, perfect fro….matter of fact, it would be a disservice to call it anything less than the full word AFro. I mean it was bangin! Angie Stone kinda Afro. Perfect shape, Perfect curl pattern, perfect size. I can’t imagine she ever had a bad day with that hair. I’m sure it was a straight A student! This was my dream Afro. I’m sure I drooled a little sometimes when I saw it. Other times I jizzed my pants. I just freakin loved it. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, she went BACK TO THE CREAMY CRACK!!! OMGosh I wanted to faint when I seen her in the elevator! But instead I just screamed in my head “WHY? WHYYYYYYY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?? WHYYYYYYY? why tho?” I can tell she was ashamed because her hair was in a slick-back (brushed back into a ponytail) & she kept touching it. She was fidgeting the entire elevator ride. I silently wept into my pillow that night…..well, I meant to. Fortunately, it only took a week for regret to rear it’s ugly head and she BC’d again. She cut it into this fly fro-hawk and I began giving her compliments again! Now, she has a huge sew-in of curly weave and it looks similar to her original afro. Poor girl. I’m glad she only stepped out on us for a little while. Let’s all welcome her back.

Well boys & girls. Today we learned why it’s not ok to play with hot things and how creamy crack can shame you. They’re bad. They’re damaging. They cause people to make examples out of you in their blog! It’s just all bad!

Thanks for reading lovelies!
Love & Light
Neves XoXoXo

About naturallynappyneves

Just a brown lady letting go of the white creamy crack and embracing natural nappyness =)
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