The Catch-up! 2015-2017


Hello lovelies! Has it really been almost four years?!!? *clutch the pearls* Well instead of boring you with details I decided to tell my growth story through visuals. My Beautiful Mess is allll ‘grow’d up’ now! I moved to Texas shortly after my very last entry in here and learned very quickly how different climates effect hair texture.

Within my first two months I threw out every product I used on my hair and everything I thought I knew about my hair…because it no longer worked. I tried a twistout with Old Faithful (Shea Moisture Curl Pudding) and when I unraveled the twists it was as if I never twisted it at all! I almost fainted. I tried inexpensive products, very expensive products and nothing worked. I was stumped. Eventually I landed on Carol’s Daughter and it kept me up during the summer months. Into my second year here (2016) I tried Shea Moisture again and it worked! I’m thinking my hair was simply adjusting to the different water and atmoshpere ….she’s such a diva.

We’re all caught up! I promise not to go on any more abrupt hiatus and keep you on my journey 🙂

Love & Light



About naturallynappyneves

Just a brown lady letting go of the white creamy crack and embracing natural nappyness =)
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